Yup, we made the leap from long-term dating to a countdown to the long walk down the isle.  So here’s the lowdown – I recently left my full-time job to go back to school and work part time.

And with weddings on average costing in the $20,000 – good Lord, what have we gotten ourselves into.

But if you know me, I’ll be pinching my pennies and DIYing my way to an awesome, chic, bad-ass wedding. The goal? To spend less than $15,000 for EVERYTHING. From the food to the decor to the venue and even the duds for the big day.

Can it be done (even with the ridiculous cost of, well….everything, here in the paradise isles)? Damn straight it can be done. And I”m just the chick to do it.

Let’s hope we just don’t end up eloping in the next year or so…although that would put us significantly under budget…