Much hub-bub on the wedding front has happened in the past month. We’ve booked our photographers, DJ and a vendor for lounge furniture (all of which I’ll talk about in a future post). However one of the things I’m most excited about is that I bought my wedding dress. As much as I’d love to reveal it to you, I know that the boy checks out my posts and therefore, I can’t risk him seeing it.

What I will do is talk about what the heck is going on my head for the ceremony. In the spirit of tradition, it will be a veil. But you know, it won’t be your normal fingertip lace frou-frou kind of veil.

To put it simply, I want something ridiculous. Now I’m not talking about crazy Celine Dion blingy headpiece crown ridiculous.


Nor am I talking about Lady Gaga crazy albino lion mane ridiculous.


Whilst I love both of those lovely ladies, I was thinking something a little more refined. I stumbled upon Sara Gabriel Veiling & Headpieces after seeing this piece over and over.

I was smitten with it and once I visited Sara Gabriel’s site – my eyes popped out of my head. This was what I was talking about.

I’m talking about vintage with a twist ridiculous.

I’m talking about beautiful ridiculous.

I’m talking about perfect ridiculous.

After seeing the last veil I was floored. I NEED THAT VEIL.

But true to form – there are no retailers in Hawaii. Ah yes, the price of paradise. Perhaps I can DIY it? Maria vs. tulle – think I can have my dream veil?