Alright, so now is the part when I eat my words. Since the engagement, in my mind, I pretty much decided that I wanted an outdoor wedding. More specifically at a beach house, when all my friends can hang for the weekend. In my head, I thought – hooray! I can save lots of money!

However, let us look at the additional costs that would likely be incurred:

  • tenting
  • chairs
  • tables
  • linens
  • tableware
  • generators for outdoor electricity
  • additional lighting

Now let us also take into consideration some of the possible problems that are very realistic to consider:

  • temperature – too hot! too cold! central air makes things happy
  • BUGS – ew
  • bad weather – if it rains, you’re SOL. soggy shoes for all
  • neighbors who complain

Now I’m not just going to be doom and gloom. Believe me, there are just as many good reasons to have an outdoor/beach wedding. Why do you think I wanted one in the first place?

  • more intimate feel
  • nothing beats a beautiful outdoor
  • Beach houses have a smaller guest limit (when your family is as big as mine, this is a plus – believe me)
  • when they’re done right, outdoor weddings blow indoor weddings out of the water

Aiya. Well, I have a little more than a year before the big day….but want to nail down the venue as soon as I can. It’s the number 1 thing that needs to get booked and the rest shall follow.