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I am speechless after seeing the following e-session. This takes the cake as my favorite engagement set of all time (for now) done by Wildflowers Photography. I just watched Disney’s “Up” last night with Mr. HiH, so it couldn’t have been more perfect timing.

A teaser and linkage below.

Up Engagement Shoot


Check it out on Wildflowers Photography’s blog here and here.


I figured that it couldn’t hurt to get some tips and pointers so I decided to attend my first Wedding Cafe workshop.

If you weren’t in the know, The Wedding Cafe is an awesome cafe in Ward Warehouse and besides the yummy grubs, it’s has a retail store with cute clothes and accessories and of course, serves as a fabulous resource for brides (and grooms) to be.  Many people choose to meet up with their vendors at the cafe, and why not?  It really does get you in that wedding mood.

One of the most awesome thing that The Wedding Cafe does is put on a series of workshops for bride-to-bes that feature all aspects of wedding planning. You can see a complete list here and RSVP if you’re interested.

This past Wednesday, I attended the “Picture Perfect Photography Showcase” which featured 19, yup, 19 different photographers all in a single room.  Why use a search engine when you can check all of these folks out at one time? The first part of the workshop was a panel format with each photographer giving the attendees a tip to consider for their wedding photography.  Then it was another round robin of commonly asked questions for brides.  I have to say it was quite informative and I was sure to jot down a few of the tips and tricks (some of which were common sense, but I’ll include them anyway):

  • Get to know your photographer.
  • Have a timeline set (with a 10 minute buffer at least).
  • Have a good makeup artist.
  • Practice posing with your SO. Do it in front of a mirror if you can
  • Good photographers books fast – you should book yours after you get your venue nailed down.
  • Don’t be in charge on your wedding day – leave that to someone else you trust.
  • Don’t drink the night before you wed.
  • Have a shot list.
  • Bring eyelash glue if you opt for falsies. Especially if you’re a crier.
  • Have comfy shoes – stilettos are good for pictures, but not for all night.
  • Do engagement portraits. You get practice posing and find out what kinds of shots you like.
  • Bring slippers!
  • Get a big room at the hotel if you’re doing pre-wedding “getting ready” shots.
  • Have a maid clean the room before the photographer gets there.
  • On your first consultation with your photographer, bring a few sample images of what you want your photos to looks like. Look in magazines or on blogs.
  • Personality is probably one of the most important things to look for with photographers – besides your family and wedding planner, this will be the person with you ALLLLLLLLL day.
  • Take your venue into consideration when choosing a hairstyle – having your hair down for an outdoor wedding will not be pretty if the wind kicks up.

Best quotes of the night:

“We make sure to take really awesome pictures, because you’ll never be this skinny again.”

“Having a professional makeup artist is key.  I shot two brides recently, one of which used the makeup artist I recommended and the other found her own makeup artist. The one that used my makeup artist looked absolutely flawless, the other one looked like a drag queen.”